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With a goal of VPL Infotech & Consultants to be the leading Indian Company designing, manufacturing & merchandizing device programmers, device testers, In-Circuit Emulators and PC based measurement and automation products. We are committed to provide to our valued customers the most comprehensive development, support and services.

In the product line of Device Programmers handy serial programmer was first professional programmer, which supports EPROMS, EEPROMS, FLASH, Micro controllers and latest BIOS(s). Later were born a series of universal programmers, which are connected to desktop and notebook via printer port. VPL also offers a complete series of programming adopters for SMD chips e.g. PLCC, SOIL, TSOP, QFP etc.

With using up to the minute technology VPL offers PC based process control and real time application all over the world, we got PC add-on cards like A/D, D/A, I/O, OPTO, Relay, IEEE-488, signal processing etc. A/D cards are able to acquire from 60 kHz. /sec To 20 MHz /sec of sampling with a simultaneously sampling too.

VPL fully understand our customers high demand for good quality and product at reasonable and affordable price, for which we believe to be the key to progress the company’s business in the long run. One real benefit we received and passed on to our customers as a result of our quality commitment is the 24 months warranty for our products.

VPL also offers The Servicing aids for servicing of PCs provides faster and easy solutions to all computer users manufacturers and servicing professionals. Our R&D have developed CPLD board, In-circuit Emulator for Microcontrollers 51 & 196 series and Universal Digital and Analog IC Testers.

Being good R&D Professionals, we also have a credit to design custom-built equipments, Hardware & Software upgradation/solution for our valuable customers.