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ISDN Trainer (4 Port basic rate ISDN network simulator)VPL-ISDN-BR4
ISDN Trainer

    The VPL-ISDN-BR4 is our compact ISDN basic rate network simulator which simulates the provision of four independent ISDN lines on your desktop.Terminals may be connected together through the VPL-ISDN-BR4 as if they were connected through the‘real’ ISDN network.

    LED indicators on the front panel provide a clear indication of line status and activity during initial terminal connection and subsequent calls. The VPL-ISDN-BR4 performs all of the complex call handling procedures without the need for a PBX or Switch and therefore eliminates many of the problems associated with real lines.

    Each VPL-ISDN-BR4 is supplied with a simple default configuration allowing you to plug and play. Intuitive Windows software supplied, allows you to easily configure and save any required changes. The software also provides access to the powerful protocol trace facility, which displays all messages transmitted and received on each line with user selectable filters for product test and development applications.

  • PC Operating System
    • Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/XP (Note: PC required only for configuration)
  • Switch Type Supported
    • National ISDN
    • NET3 (basic-net3)
  • Interface Type
    • S/T interface, 1 x RJ45 socket per port
  • LED Indicators
    • B1/ B2 Channel Active
    • PS1 Present
    • PH (Physical Layer - Layer 1) Active
    • DL (Datalink Layer - Layer 2) Active
  • Configuration Interface
    • Serial Port - 9 way D type
    • Simulate four independent ISDN lines on your desktop.
    • Allows simple testing and demonstration of ISDN customer premises equipment.
    • iDSL/Leased line simulation provides a capability for testing equipment using a ‘permanent’ (B Channels only) connection.
    • Demonstrate your terminals working at their best across a ‘perfect’ ISDN line during trade shows, training courses or in the lab.
    • Compact, lightweight and low cost.
    • Provides a reliable connection with no call charges every time that you need it.
  • Temperature
    • Operating/Storage: 0 - +40° C
    • Relative Humidity: 85% non-condensing
  • Accessories
    • Each VPL-ISDN-BR4 is supplied with:
    • Windows configuration software on CD ROM (includes online HELP), Serial Lead, Power Adapter.
  • Numbering Options
    • User defined Phone and SPID numbers
  • Special Features
    • Connect and test calls with just one terminal connected using Loopback Mode.
    • Hunt Groups
    • Support for SPID numbers
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