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Pnuematic Trainer KitVPL-PTK

    The system is designed for the training experiments of pneumatic technology in higher education and vocational education field. It covers the most knowledge of pneumatic techniques. It can be used as a synthesized test-bed for mehanical, electrical and pneumatic integration.

    It consists of Cylinders, different types of Direction Control Valves, Pressure Dependant Valve and Flow Control Valves with accessories for construction and application of different type of pneumatic circuits.

  • Double-acting cylinder assembly
    • Design Piston cylinder
    • Operating pressure: 10 bar
    • Stroke length: Maximum 80 mm
  • 5/2 Pilot Operated valve: These valve are used in application requiring air operated control. It is actuated until the signal is cut off and returns to normal position by spring force.
  • One-way flow control valve assembly: The one-way flow control valve is a combination of flow control valve and a nonreturn valve. The cross-section of the restrictor can be set by means of a knurled screw.
    • Design type is Combined flow control valve
    • Pressure range: 0.5 10 bar
  • 3/2 Push button valve: These valves are commonly used for mechanical actuation to change direction of flow of air for control/automation.
  • Compressor: 2 HP, 120 bar
  • Mains power supply : 220V10%, 50Hz; DC Output 24V/12V
  • Working atmosphere: -10C-+40C, RH 85% (25C), altitude 4000m
  • Power capacity: <=1KVA
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