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Electro-Pneumatic Trainer with VPL PLCVPL-EPK

    The kit is capable of being used to demonstrate the design, construction and application of electro-pneumatic components and circuits.

    The kit is designed to satisfy the following objectives:

    • Design and function of a Electro Pneumatic system Basic Function and identification of Electro-pneumatic components and their symbols
    • Direct and indirect manual controls, stroke dependant controls, time dependant controls.
    • Functional diagrams
    • Systematic design of Electro Pneumatic Sequence Controls
    • Modern trainer with components which allows improved student performance in practical situations
    • Empower students to design their own circuits.

    The kit contain following components:

    1. Profile Plates & Stand: The anodized aluminum profile plate or power coated profile plate is the basis for training. All of the components fit securely and safely onto the profile plate. with any safe fixing arrangement.
    2. One-way flow control valve assy.: The one-way flow control valve is a combination of flow control valve and a non-return valve. The cross-section of the restrictor can be set by means of a knurled screw.
      • Design type is Combined flow control valve
      • Pressure range: 0.5 10 bar
    3. Double-acting cylinder assy.: - 2 Nos Design Piston cylinder, Operating pressure: 10 bar Stroke length: Maximum 80 mm
    4. Manifold assy.: Manifold with six (2 x 3) self-closing non-return valves or the connections with gate valve A common manifold for plastic tubing allows supply of compressed air to the control via six Individual ports (for plastic tubing PUN 4 x 0.75).
    5. Filter regulator with gauge assy. Filter control valve with pressure gauge, start-up valve, quick push-pull connectors and quick couplings, mounted on a swivel support. The filter with water separator removes dirt, pipe sinter, rust and condensed water. The pressure control valve regulates the supply air pressure to the set operating pressure and compensates pressure fluctuations. The filter bowl has a condensate drain valve. The start-up valve/shutoff valve ventilates and vents the entire control. The 3/2 way valve is actuated by a rotary button.
    6. 5/2 Solenoid valve, Single, with LED, NC: The status is indicated by an LED on the housing. The valve is equipped with a manual override. The electrical connections feature polarity-reversal protection for the LED and the suppressor circuit. with silencer and push pull connector Pneumatic technical data: Design type is spool valve, pilot controlled, with return spring
      • Pressure range 250 800 kPa (2.5 8 bar)
      • Electrical technical data: Power consumption 1.5 W
    7. 5/2 Solenoid valve, double, with LED: - 1 No. The status is indicated by LEDs on the housings. The valve is equipped with two manual overrides. The electrical connections feature polarity reversal protection for the LEDs and the suppressor circuits. with silencer and push pull connector
      Pneumatic technical data :
      • Design spool valve, with pilot control
      • Pressure range 150 800 kPa (1.5 8 bar)

      Electrical technical data: Power consumption 1.5 W
    8. 5/2 Pilot Operated valve: These valve are used in application requiring air operated control. It is actuated until the signal is cut off and returns to normal position by spring force.
    9. 3/2 Push button valve: These valves are commonly used for mechanical actuation to change direction of flow of air for control/ automation.
    10. 5/2 Timer operated valve: It is designed to provided a solution for automatic changing for direction of flow of air for control/automation.
      • Fully automatic
      • Multi voltage: 230V AC/50Hz
      • Adjustable interval time
      • Small compact design
    11. 5/3 Hard lever valve: These valves are commonly used for manually changing the direction of flow of air for control of cylinder tools. Their compact design and high flow, lower operating force make them versatile in use.
    12. Pneumatic Electrical converter: The pneumatic-electrical converter can fulfill 3 functions : Pressure switch, vacuum switch, and differential pressure switch.
      Pneumatic technical data :
      • Design Pre stressed metal bellows initiator
      • Pressure Ranges:
    13. Programmable Logic Controller:
      • 16 input signals (24V) and 16 outputs for controlling the process on D-type sub connector.
      • ZIF on front panel to load programs from EPROM and adaptor.
      • Descriptive user manual with number of examples including description & fundamentals of PLC.
      • Analog output: 12 bit
      • Analog input: 16 channels (single ended) 8 channels (differential)
      • RS232C port available for uploading & downloading of files from PC.
      • Powerful commands like AND, OR, ANI, ORI, SET, RST, LD, LDI, OUT, TIMER, COUNTER, ANB, ORB, IL, ILC, etc. directly executable
      • Execution or programs are posible even without hand held unit
      • Standard EPROM module which is affixed on ZIF socket to store the programmes provided with the trainer.
      • Operating voltage: 220V, 50Hz AC, 10% at 50C.

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