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CNC Drilling TrainerVPL-DRILL-15
General Description

    The VPL-DRILL-15 is not only the most cheep CNC there is but have also quality that you can not find on other CNC routers in this price section.

    It is a very stable and strong CNC router that is ready to use in a small time of space because we offer a complete set so it is simple to get start with this set.

    Also it is a small model what always find a place in your area, It can be use for engrave, PCB engrave, litle aluminium work, wood, plastics, etc. A perfect CNC router for prototyping, teach, learning, hobby, and small parts. Working under mach3 and/or EMC2 sotware. Operating under Windows and Linux system

  • Travels: X-200mm * Y-150mm * Z-60mm
  • Table size: 250mm * 310mm
  • Leadscrews: M10 * Pitch=1.5mm
  • Spindle motor: Speed: 28000 rpm, Power: 230W
  • Drill chuck: 1/4"
  • Nuts: Anti-Backlash Nuts on all axis
  • Material: Constructed of aluminum alloy (ANODIZING)
  • Stepping Motor:
    • Step angle: 1.8 degree
    • Number of Phase: 2
    • Hold torque: 4.4
    • Rated current/Phase: 1.68 amps.
    • Phase resistance: 1.65 ohms
    • Voltage/Phase: 2.77 VDC
  • Net weight (approx.): 12.5 Kg.
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