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8085 Microprocessor Trainer with In-Circuit EmulatorVPL-ICE8085

    VPL-ICE8085 is an 8-bit Microprocessor Training Kit cum In- Circuit Emulator for 8085 Microprocessor. It provides the Engineer, a complete microprocessor design tool set working with 8085 - in a cost effective package that sets a new industry standard. The monitor enables one to use VPL-ICE8085 through 28 keys hexadecimal keyboard and six seven segment display.

    VPL-ICE8085 is also a Stand-alone In-Circuit Emulator that connects to the Serial port of the PC via RS-232 cable.

  • Based on 8085 microprocessor operating at 6.144 MHz clock frequency.
  • VPL-ICE8085 comprises of three components viz.
    • Microprocessor Trainer Kit
    • In-Circuit Emulator
    • Cross Assembler
  • 48K Emulation Memory, RAM area starting from 000H.
  • On board battery backup for 8K emulation memory.
  • 8K byte of EPROM loaded with powerful monitor program.
  • 48 I/O lines using 2 nos. of 8255.
  • 16 bit timer/counter using 8253.
  • 28 Keys Hexadecimal Keyboard and six digit seven segment display.
  • 40 pin Header with cable for connecting the target system.
  • Programmer for 27 Series EPROMs with facility to Blank Check, Verify, Program & Read.
  • Can be operated in both Serial & Stand-alone mode.
  • RS232 port for serial communication with IBM-PC/XT/AT.
  • Power Software commands like Break-point, Single Stepping, Auto Single Stepping, Go, Fill, Display, Compare, Origin, Memory, Zoom, Select, Com.
  • Uploading & Downloading of files from/to PC.
  • Onboard disassembler.
  • Enclosed in attractive ABS plastic cabinet with cover.
  • In-built Power Supply.
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