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Advanced Microcontroller Trainer Kit with 89C61 / 89C52VPL-89C61
  • 89C61/89C52 CPU operating at 11.0592 MHz crystal.
  • 32K user RAM using 62256 with battery backup using NICD battery.
  • 16K bytes of powerful monitor EPROM using 27512.
  • One memory socket is provided for expansion up to 64K
  • On board ISP programming facility with windows based ISP software.
  • 48 I/O lines using 2 nos. of 8255.
  • Three channel Timer/Counter using 8253
  • On board 12 bit ADC using AD574
  • On board 1 channel DAC using DAC0800
  • On board Real Time Clock using RTC6242
  • Aux. RS-232C interface using 8251 terminated on 9 pin D-Type connector.
  • 20x2 Alphanumeric LCD display with Backlite.
  • 101 ASCII keyboard interface using 89C2051 operating @ 12MHz.
  • Two external interrupts INT0 & INT1 are available at FRC connector.
  • RS-232C using Rx/Tx of 8051 terminated on 9 pin D-Type connector.
  • On board Single line Assembler/Disassembler
  • Two modes of operation:
    • Keyboard mode
    • Serial mode
  • Powerful software commands like EXAMINE/EDIT MEMORY, EXAMINE/EDIT REGISTERS, SINGLE STEPPING, EXECUTION, BREAK POINT can be used through ASCII keyboard or PC serial mode.
  • Facility for uploading/downloading of files from/to PC.
  • All Address, Data and Control Signals, are buffered and available at the FRC connector.
  • Enclosed in attractive ABS plastic cabinet with cover.
  • In-built Power Supply
  • Userís Manual, Cables & Connectors.
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