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68000 Microprocessor Trainer KitVPL-6803
  • MC68000 CPU operating at 8 MHz.
  • 32 KB ROM with Monitor FIRMWARE-TUTOR.
  • EPROM expansion possible up to 64K maximum.
  • 16 KB static RAM.
  • RAM expansion possible up to 128KB.
  • Standard/Intelligent programming modes.
  • Two RS-232 channels with jumper selectable baud rates from 75 to 192000.
  • Five 8-bit parallel ports, 3 from 8255, 2 from 6821.
  • 68230 PI/T is used to provide an 8/16 bit parallel interface and a 24-bit timer. It is also used to provide a Centronics parallel printer port.
  • Seven segment display & hex keyboard.
  • On board single line Assembler and Disassembler.
  • Interrupt function.
  • MACSBUG/VERSABUG command subset for debug functions.
  • System address, data bus brought out on a 50 pin FRC connector and control bus brought on a 26 pin FRC connector for expansion and interfacing.
  • Optional Macro Cross Assembler avaible for use on IBM compatible PC to assemble and download user programs.
  • In-built power supply
  • Userís Manual, Cables & Connectors.
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