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These modules can be connected to the I/O lines of any 8/16 bit Microprocessor Training Kit offered by us to perform experiments in the laboratory.
VPL-ADC (ADC Interface)

    Consists of 8 bit Analog to Digital Converter using successive approximation technique for Analog to Digital conversion. Eight LEDís to display the digital value of the Analog Input.

VPL-ADC 0809 (ADC-0809 Interface)

    Uses 8 bit ADC-0809 monolithic C-MOS device with in-built 8 channel multiplexer. Eight LEDís are provided to display the digital value of the input Analog Signal.The complete operation of A/D converter Chip can be understood using this card.

VPL-DAC (Dual DAC Interface)

    Consists of two independent 8 bit Digital to Analog Converter analog with a stable regulated voltage source using 723 regulator. The current outputs of the DAC are converted to voltages using operational amplifiers.

VPL-LC (Logic Controller Interface)

    It provides the user with eight TTL buffered outputs and eight TTL buffered inputs. The logic state of each input and output is indicated by LEDís. It can also simulate Ladder networks.

VPL-ES (Elevator Simulator Interface)

    This interface simulates the control operation of an elevator. The elevator is considered to function within a building having four floors. A key and corresponding LED indicator serves as a request button and request status indicator. The LEDís also indicate the position of the elevator within the shaft. This module is the practical example of use of Microprocessor in industry.

VPL-ICT (IC Tester Interface)

    The interface tests 14 pin or 16 pin digital ICís. Three personality modules are to be inserted in three different sockets for the IC under test. A socket is provided for inserting the IC to be tested.

VPL-DI (Display Interface)

    A four digit display using shift registers can be obtained on corresponding to be put out in serial fashion to the input of the first shift register and clock terminal is pulsed. Has the capability of displaying any segment combination.

VPL-SMC (Stepper Motor Controller Interface)

    Can control Stepper Motor in three parameters such as direction, speed and number of steps. It has got driver transistor for driving all the phases of the motor useful for Robotic and incremental control applications.

VPL-KB (Keyboard Interface)

    A calculator style KB consisting of the Keys 0 to 9, *, +, -, /, C CE and two user definable keys, allowing the user to study a number of techniques used in Key Board interfacing like software debouncing, two key lockout and keyboard encoding and pausing.

VPL-LCD (LCD Display Interface)

    A 16x1 Liquid Crystal Display using shift registers can be obtained on corresponding to be put out in serial fashion to the input of the first shift register and clock terminal is pulsed.

VPL-TLC (Traffic Light Controller Card)

    The Traffic Light Controller Card has RED, AMBER & GREEN LEDís to demonstrate the use of Microprocessor in contolling the traffic movement under the control of program.

VPL-TEMP(Temperature Measurement Card)

    Sensor to measure temperature upto 150oC. alongwith room temperature compensation and amplifier with output of 0-5V corresponding to the temperature.

VPL-DC(DC Motor Controller Card)

    The VPL-DC card can control the speed of DC motor alongwith its direction under the control of the software programme.

VPL-ROC(Relay & OPTO Coupler Card)

    The VPL-ROC has four channel relay & opto coupler to demonstrate how I/O lines can be used to energise the relay and opto coupler to sense the input providing isolation.

VPL-LED(LED Display Matrix Card)

    The VPL-LED has a matrix of 8 x 8 LEDís and is a module to demonstrate for displaying any character within the matrix.

VPL-TWSC(Thumb Wheel Switch Card)

    The VPL-TWSC has two nos. of Thumb Wheel Switches which can be read through I/O lines normally used in industrial controllers. The Study Module Cards can be connected to 8085 kits to perform study on individual ICís. It has LEDís to display all the important signals like READ, WRITE, CHIP SELECT & DATA. These modules can be connected to Microprocessor using 50 Pin FRC cable and are useful to study peripherals ICís.

  • 8212 Memory Decoder Study Card
  • 8251 USART Study Card
  • 8253 Programmable Timer Study Card
  • 8255 PPI Study Card
  • 8257 DMA Study Card
  • 8259 PIC Study Card
  • 8279 Keyboard Display Controller Study Card
  • 8155 PPI with Timer Study Card
  • 6116 RAM Study Card
  • 6264 RAM Study Card
  • 373 Latch Study Card
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